Testimony of the Wereth massacre in December 1944

Mr. X (protected by a witness protection program) says: "On Sunday, December 17, 1944, around 4 PM, eleven American soldiers arrived. Apparently they thought that there were Germans in the village; they came on foot, hands raised in the air, carrying a white flag and guns, but without any intention of using them. When they noticed that there were no Germans, they stayed for about an hour and ate the food I gave them. Then four or five Germans came. They were looking for black people who were walking with their hands raised. The Germans searched them, took off their helmets and were ordered to sit on extremely cold and moist ground. They stayed there until night. When night came, the men lined up and were ordered to run in front of a German vehicle. Neither I nor any of my family members have seen these soldiers again. The next day, they were found dead on the road about 800 meters from my home. Two civilians were overtaken by the Germans and had to return to Wereth by Valender. One hundred yards from the place where they heard shots, they discovered bodies.
I do not know who the Germans were or what units they were from. They wore SS badges on their collars and rode a small amphibious vehicle. They came from the direction of HALENFELD. I suspect that they were soldiers of the Hohenstaufen unit, but I do not remember their badges anymore. I am sure, however, that they were SS. I never saw them again after they left our home. I did not know they were dead, and their bodies were left on the side of the road until they were collected"
There is also a Miss Y testimony from the moment soldiers arrived.